Xturismo Hover Bike like Starwars for sale

Xturismo Hover Bike
                             Xturismo Hover Bike


Japanese startup Aerwins Technologies, that is promoting a Star Wars-inspired $555,000 hoverbike, has acquired approval to listing at the NASDAQ in a merger with blank-test company Pono Capital Corp (PONO.O), the producer stated on Friday with the listing it will become the 5th organisation from the Asian kingdom to sign up for the tech-heavy bourse.

Aerwins, that is taking orders for the XTurismo hoverbike with a motorcycle-like frame on pinnacle of propellers that it unveiled closing year, estimates it is going to be valued at $six hundred million ($600 million)  within the transaction.

AERWINS Technologies Inc. , is also the developer and manufacturer of air mobility platform, C.O.S.M.O.S. (Centralized Operating System for Managing Open Sky), and with the XTURISMO Limited Edition Hoverbike it is going to mark its foothold in the US soil.

Xturismo Hover Bike
          Xturismo Hover Bike in Action


  1. What will be the price of Xturismo Limited Edition ?    Ans- $555,555 only
  2. In how many Colour option is it available ?                    Ans- Currently 3 (Red,Blue&Black)
  3. How much payload can Xturismo carry?                       Ans- Approx 100kgs
  4. How far can it fly?                                                          Ans- 40kms
  5. What is Xturismo max speed?                                        Ans- 80-100km/hr

TO KNOW MORE CHECK THE Xturismo website for more details.

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